About Me

Brenda Porter is an experienced Sleep Consultant who has had 100% success in transforming the lives families across the world. She takes families from sleep deprived to sleep revived, where sleep is no longer a source of concern and anxiety but a calm and positive experience for everyone.

Parents who work with Brenda are so tired that they struggle to get through their day and they no longer enjoy parenting as they want to as the battles take every ounce of their energy. They have tried everything to get their baby to sleep but nothing has worked and now the task seems too overwhelming. Often they have lots of help and advice from friends and family, but their exhaustion means they don’t even know where to start.

The transformation when working with Brenda is startling. Parents no longer worry about bedtimes or night time wakings, and early rising and naptime battles are a thing of the past. They no longer have a toddler in their bed, or are up and down like a yo yo several times a night, for hours at a time tending to an unsettled baby. Their babies now have the long, healthy sleep they need to grow and develop and to be happy and content during the day. Brenda’s program has given Parents their evenings, their bed and their sanity back so they can wake up every day refreshed and ready to be best self for their work, relationships and families.

Brenda has an Honours Degree in Psychology from the University of Aberdeen, where she majored in Child Psychology. She has been fully trained and certified as a Sleepsense Sleep Consultant and has worked with clients across three continents. Brenda’s advice has been featured in the Telegraph and she is a guest expert for myBumpbaby, Mum’s Aliance, Omi Natal, and ParentChum and has been interviewed for Network for Woman and Designed Living.

When she graduated, she temped for a while before finding her feet in Project Management Coordination in Financial Services. Despite sounding incredibly boring, Brenda excelled and had a fantastic career spanning 14 years, culminating in a role as Executive Assistant to the MD, and then Lead PMO Manager in a Health Insurance Company. In this time, she was married, had two children, Gabriella and Francesca, got divorced and met a new partner ….

“Each time, I went back to work when my babies were six months old. My work was generally high pressure, long days and travelling and with Francesca, I just could not have done this without the help of a sleep consultant. I was suffering postnatal depression (though I didn’t know it) and my career and my marriage were on the edge – fixing sleep helped bring me back from losing almost everything. In a sleep deprived fog, I lost faith in myself and felt I had no worth as a mother. When I couldn’t help my own child with something as basic as sleep I felt like a failure and that impacted on everything.

I took a redundancy package following a restructure and used that to fund my training as a sleep consultant. It has been an opportunity to help mums and dads, just like me, be the best person they could be and be all the things they wanted to be. And, oh my goodness, the impact I make is overwhelming and to see lives changing right in front of me gives me much happiness and relief. Life is for enjoying, not enduring.”

And now, every day, I change the lives of families like yours (and mine) that, with the Plan, Support, and motivation, can have the sleep you want and need to show up as your best selves. And I am living proof.

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