About Me

I have an Honours degree in Psychology, 2 children of my own (6 and 8) and, after many years in a corporate environment, I changed direction to become a fully trained sleep consultant.

As a new mum, I suffered some postnatal depression. I feel that a contributing factor was, not only the lack of sleep, but the lack of control and power I seemed to have over my daughter’s ability to sleep. Why wouldn’t she sleep? Why couldn’t I help her – I was her mummy!?

I am passionate about empowering parents, giving them the understanding, tools and guidance to make a positive impact on their family’s sleep and wellbeing. I don’t think people really realise the importance of sleep until they have none! Parents go on for too long, assuming that sleepless nights are part of the parenting package – they really don’t have to be.

Well-rested children and parents make for much happier families. Time is spent having energy to enjoy all the special moments of the early years … there is no need to go through these as a sleep deprived zombie. And to those parents that work full time …. a big shout out to you – but to be the best you can be, you need good sleep.