Brenda is a miracle worker!

Went to Brenda for advice on my terrible sleeping 6 month old who was up every hour during the night and needed nursed/ rocked back to sleep each time!

Within 2 days of following the detailed sleeping plan that Brenda constructed, my son was going to sleep on his own within 5 minutes and sleeping ALL night!

Could not recommend Brenda enough!

We first came into contact with Brenda about a month ago when we were at the end of our tether with Hattie’s sleeping. She had never slept through and has always relied on me to feed her off to sleep, we didn’t know a way out and were all exhausted!

I had an initial phone call with Brenda where we discussed in detail our routine and Brenda pointed out where we could make some changes to help get a better nights sleep. Within a few days she had emailed a full sleep/routine plan with other supporting documents, these were even posted to me in a hand decorated folder! It was such a relief to finally have a plan in place which would eventually lead to us having better nights! The plan was broken down into stages and Brenda explained it all fully in a Skype call, I was able to ask questions and felt really confident and ready to try the approach. The main thing for us, as I am still breastfeeding was for Hattie to learn to fall asleep without the need of being fed. This was a real challenge which I was worried about trying but with Brenda’s support it was so much easier than I had imagined and although Hattie put up a fight to start with, she has taken to it really well.

I was really impressed with the level of support Brenda offered, daily phone calls and messages to discuss how the night had gone and tips on how we could change things for the next night. One night in particular was tough, my partner was working late so I was doing bedtime alone and Hattie protested for an hour. Throughout this, Brenda was messaging me to keep me sane and encourage me to carry on.

Looking back now, I can see our bedtime routine was a big part of our problem causing Hattie to wake numerous times a night needing me to send her off back to sleep. All three of us have learnt so much which will be invaluable again when we choose to have another baby so it was worth every penny. Now we have learnt this and Hattie has learnt the skills to send herself back off to sleep we all get a much better night and bedtime is a highlight of the day rather than something we all dread.

From the very beginning Brenda was attentive and supportive. Following an introductory call I was feeling positive, although slightly apprehensive, about receiving a sleep plan for James. Brenda reassured me, she gave me the confidence and techniques to help James settle himself and sleep in his own bed.

The results were astonishing. Night two James slept through, night three he was settling himself on his own within a few minutes. We are now a fortnight on and I haven’t been into him once through the night, if he wakes he settles himself. The whole experience has been a game changer!!! And Brenda has been there each step of the way.

Natalie Barrett

I am so happy with the service Brenda has provided for our family. The plan which she gave us for our 11 month old son who relied only on me to feed him to sleep, would only have short naps and wake up at least 4/5 times per night has now meant that within 3 days he now will pretty much put himself to sleep, he has had full naps during the day and for the first time a full nights sleep. It’s changed my life already!!!

I was reluctant to do something like this thinking it would be harsh on him (and me ) but he is so much happier now he is getting a proper sleep, Brenda has provided us with so much support and gave us the confidence we needed to make this great change.


Up until a few weeks ago Manaaki would only go to sleep with me or in the car, he’d nap for 20-30mins max and would wake up at least 4-5 times during the night.

Then we spoke to Brenda Porter Sleep Solutions and within a few days of the plan she gave us; Karu was able to put him to bed in his own cot, he would put himself to sleep, he’s having full length naps and sleeping through the night… we were in shock, who’s baby is this??!!

Her Advice has changed our lives ?? and Manaaki is so much happier now that he is well rested, as are we so if your a new parent or know one that’s heading down the path to the pits of exhaustion seriously get in touch with Brenda… you won’t regret it ??

Manaaki, 11 months

Brenda is amazing! My 19 month old has always slept in her cot next to my bed (with the side off) and bf whenever she wanted throughout the night. The first night we put her in her own room Brenda supported us amazingly! She was there for me to message ANYTIME, which was a HUGE help for me.

The first night she took 20 minutes and woke 3 times during the night but didn’t have a feed and was asleep again within 10 minutes each time, and the second night, she went down with NO crying!!! Wahoooo!! Thank you so much again Brenda!! Xx

Addie, 15 months