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I work with amazing and loving parents like you.

The only problem is that your baby doesn’t sleep well and every day you’re fighting bedtime battles, naptime struggles and the dreaded night wakings.

You’re beyond exhausted. If your little one could talk they would tell you how tired they are feeling…but instead they cry….and cry…and cry…..

It does not have to be like this.

Partnering with Brenda Porter Sleep Solutions will transform your babies’ sleeping habits giving you the energy to show up every day and enjoy every precious moment with your family.

Sleep Training is the biggest advancement in the way we lovingly raise our children today.

It works and will work for your family

Are you

  • Spending hours settling your baby at bedtime?
  • So sleep deprived that you are struggling to get through your day?
  • Worried about your baby’s health and development if they aren’t getting enough sleep?
  • Feeling guilty about not having enough energy for your baby
    Concerned that this lack of sleep is affecting your work?
  • Craving some family time with your spouse or other kids?
  • Feeling like they will never sleep through the night?
  • Confused by all the things you’ve tried to fix baby’s sleep?
  • Upset because you’ve tried everything to get the sleep your family needs and nothing works?

Blissful Sleep in 3 easy steps …

There are three steps to take you and your baby from frazzled to top form..

Are you ready to get a full night of sleep?

Imagine how it will feel to wake up refreshed and full of energy after a full night’s sleep, ready to enjoy every minute of your day.

1.There are three steps to take you and your baby from frazzled to top form..
The preliminary call and detailed questionnaire: These allow me to get up close and personal with the pain and challenges you are experiencing in order to deliver the right solution to eliminate those bedtime battles and get your baby sleeping through the night.

2.Your personalised Sleep Plan: I will create a personalised plan for you with concise steps and strategies so that you have a clear roadmap to follow to enable you to have confidence and control around your little one’s sleep.

3. A full consultation call to walk through the plan and two weeks of follow up support: for you to ask questions, be confident and keep on track so that you can quickly and easily experience the transition from feeling fraught and upset to feeling happy and relaxed.

Families who work with me have testified to life changing results. I commit 100% to each and every family to guarantee a full and restful night’s sleep. I will support, guide, motivate and drive you through the process for lasting results – your family needs rest and I always deliver.

The investment in your family’s sleep is £280. Am I the right person to help you take back control of bedtime? Book a discovery call today (

You don’t need to be exhausted or frustrated any longer. Within just a few days, the cloud of sleep deprivation can be lifted and you can show up as your best you EVERY SINGLE DAY.


Why wait for great sleep health when it is just a few night’s away … book that call today!