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Do you spend hours settling your baby at bedtime?

Are you so tired that you are struggling to get through your day?

Are you worried about the impact of exhaustion on your mental health?

Are you worried about your baby’s health and development if they aren’t getting enough sleep?

Do you want to be sure that you and your baby are getting the best possible sleep every single night?

Imagine how it will feel to wake up refreshed and ready for another fun filled day with your happy contented baby

🌟 Imagine great sleep being easy for you and your baby

🌟 How much better will you feel knowing your baby is having all the good quality sleep that they need

🌟 Imagine what it would feel like to look forward to bedtime and a good night’s sleep every single day.

You are a loving and devoted parent who wants the very best for their baby and the energy to turn up as your best self every day for your family. You’ve followed all the books and all the advice, but you are just not getting enough rest, the headspace to decompress or time away from the worry of your child’s poor sleep.

This is why I create not only bespoke plans and strategies for you, but provide consistent and effective ongoing coaching to confidently take you from being constantly grumpy, tired and exhausted to being relaxed, in control and ‘in the moment’ with your family.

💗 Brenda has a 100% success rate in successfully transforming children’s sleep. 

💗 She has an honours degree in Psychology and is a fully Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant. 

💗 Brenda trained with, and continues to be mentored by, Dana Obleman, creator of the Sleepsense Programme which has so far helped more than 100,000 families.

Delivering results 

There are three steps to take you and your baby from frazzled to top form..

1. The preliminary call and detailed questionnaire:

These allow me to get up close and personal with the pain and challenges you are experiencing in order to deliver the right solution to eliminate those bedtime battles and get your baby sleeping through the night.

2. Your personalised Sleep Plan:

I will create a personalised plan for you with concise steps and strategies so that you have a clear roadmap to follow to enable you to have confidence and control around your little one’s sleep.

3. A full consultation call to walk through the plan and two weeks of follow up support:

for you to ask questions, be confident and keep on track so that you can quickly and easily experience the transition from feeling fraught and upset to feeling happy and relaxed.

Families who work with me have testified to life changing results. I commit 100% to each and every family to guarantee a full and restful night’s sleep. I will support, guide, motivate and drive you through the process for lasting results your family needs rest and I always deliver.

The investment in your family’s sleep is £325.

Am I the right person to help you take back control of bedtime? Book a discovery call today.

You don’t need to be exhausted or frustrated any longer. Within just a few days, the cloud of sleep deprivation can be lifted and you can show up as your best you EVERY SINGLE DAY.


Giving your child the gift of good sleep!

Why wait for great sleep health when it is just a few night’s away …